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Detailed Ramsey PM&D Services

Ramsey PM&D offers comprehensive construction project management and real estate project management services in the Dallas, TX, area to clients needing assistance on virtually any type or size of project. 

The effort is managed by owner Jim Ramsey, who has had a management role in all phases of design and construction in projects exceeding $450 million. 

Throughout his 25-year career in the industry, he has demonstrated the ability to deliver projects on time and within budget, despite entitlement issues, complicated designs, sophisticated funding sources, aggressive deadlines, unanticipated field conditions and regulatory compliance issues.    

Project Definition Phase

  • Provide a preliminary review of the owner’s program, schedule and budget
  • Assist in further development of the program scope of work, schedule and budget
  • Define the engineering design requirements and assist the owner in recognizing potential permitting and code compliance issues
  • Assist owner with selection and contracting of an Architect/Engineering (A/E) team
  • Define project delivery approaches -- design/build, design/bid/bid, CM at risk, guaranteed maximum price, etc -- that best suits the owner’s interest on specific needs of the project
  • Identify the construction firms most qualified for the specific project

Schematic Design Phase

  • Coordinate the A/E team in establishing a detailed schematic scope of work, budget and schedule
  • Establish definition of required construction documents with owner and A/E team
  • Facilitate Value Engineering process of the schematic design with the owner and A/E team
  • Advise the owner and A/E team of schematic design details that could adversely affect constructability of project and provide improvement recommendations
  • Identify long-lead procurement items that may impact the project schedule
  • Provide recommendations on dividing project into separate contracts also known as fast tracking, if applicable
  • Assist A/E team in assembling a schematic design that meets the owner’s budget

 Design Phase

  • Coordinate the development of detailed construction documents, including drawings, general conditions, bidding schedules, specifications, bonding and insurance requirements with the A/E team
  • Review the design for ease of bidding, accuracy and completeness
  • Facilitate Value Engineering process of the detailed design with the owner and A/E team
  • Assist A/E team in assembling a detailed design that meets the owner’s budget
  • Coordinate the design effort to maintain the schedule and budget
  • Ensure design includes provisions for safety during construction
  • Coordinate construction access routes and contractor laydown areas with the owner and ensure they are documented on the design documents
  • Coordinate and assist owner with regulatory and permitting issues such as ADA compliance and building permits
  • Work through the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) design requirements.

Procurement and Construction Phase

  • Create a bidding schedule with appropriate strategies such as alternatives and unit prices to give the owner options for meeting budget
  • Coordinate with the bidding process including pre-bid meetings, responses to contractor questions, bid analysis and negotiations post bid meetings and notice-to-proceed
  • Coordinate selection and coordination of professional services required during construction such as surveyors, testing labs and special consultants
  • Assist with the generation and negotiation of the contractor’s contract
  • Facilitate a pre-construction meeting to review coordination and contract administration issues with the project team
  • Monitor construction activities to ensure work is being performed on schedule and in general per specifications
  • Coordinate periodic visits by the A/E team to verify the details of construction is per specifications and to resolve specific issues 
  • Facilitate weekly construction meetings with the project team to coordinate procedures, processes, safety, progress and scheduling
  • Oversee the Request for Information (RFI) to expedite responses to contractor RFI’s
  • Coordinate the review and approval process with the A/E team of the contractor’s applications for progress payments
  • Review requests for changes, assist in the negotiating contractor’s cost proposals, submit recommendations to A/E and owner, and if approved, prepare a change order to incorporate the modification into the contract

Post-Construction Phase

  • Initiate and attend a punch-list meeting and help A/E team identify items that do not comply with construction documents
  • Ensure the contractor receives final inspections
  • Coordinate the review and approval process for final application of payment
  • Ensure that the owner maintenance manuals, operating procedures, spare parts and warranties are turned over to the owner prior to final payment