About Ramsey PM&D



Our Experience

Ramsey PM&D offers Project Management and Development services in the real estate and construction fields.

Ramsey PM&D provides comprehensive construction project management and real estate project management services in the Dallas, TX, area to clients needing assistance on virtually any type or size of project. 

The effort is managed by owner Jim Ramsey, who has had a management role in all phases of design and construction in projects exceeding $450 million. 

Throughout his 25-year career in the industry, he has demonstrated the ability to deliver projects on time and within budget, despite:

  • Difficult entitlement issues
  • Complicated designs
  • Sophisticated funding sources
  • Aggressive deadlines
  • Unanticipated field conditions
  • Regulatory compliance issues

Benefits of Ramsey PM&D Services

  • Provide owner with single point of contact and insight based on extensive experience
  • Increase the level of communication and coordination across entire project team
  • Enable owner to focus on core business
  • Reduce overall project costs
  • Ensure project deadlines, budgets and goals are met
  • Hold all team members accountable
  • Provide comprehensive documentation on project


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