Client References


“Your ability to manage multiple design and construction trades through all aspects of a project has helped General Dynamics save valuable time and resources.

Your assistance in managing the design and construction of a 20,000-square-foot tenant finish-out at our facility at KellyUSA was instrumental in getting in the space in a very aggressive schedule.  The complicated issues involved with the SCIF requirements in this space were overcome with your help in coordinating and communicating with all the resources required.

You have also been helpful with managing the improvements at our other two locations in San Antonio.  With your help, I have been able to limit my travels to San Antonio and focus my efforts on other projects.  Your ability to work with our resources there has made this management effort seamless and cost effective.

I would highly recommend your Project Management services to anyone interested increasing the probability of a successful outcome for their project.”

Ed Hoey, VP of Development, General Dynamics

“Over the past six years here, you and your team have been instrumental in achieving many successes in our development efforts. Your insight in all aspects of managing a diverse range of projects from start to finish has helped us transform KellyUSA from an Air Force base to a thriving business park.

Your assistance has truly saved time and money on many projects.”

—Joe Saenz, PE
Director of Engineering

“Prior to the point that San Antonio Zoo hired Jim, we polled several highly regarded contractors to establish the best short list of potential project managers we should interview. Jim’s name was mentioned repeatedly, and he was the clear choice in the interview process.

Jim has been invaluable and has shouldered a heavy burden in seeing this project into construction. He is, without a doubt, among the best project managers we have worked with in our nationwide practice, and he has always indicated a willingness to tailor his involvement to meet individual client needs.

We highly recommend him for any project management roles.”

—Keith B. Larson, AIA, ASLA
Jones & Jones Architects

“Thank you for your Project Management efforts in the completion of the office building shell, as well as our office lease space. This was a significant achievement given the aggressive completion timeline and complexities of our space.

I appreciated your professionalism…and your ability to get the interior work started well ahead of schedule due to your close coordination and cooperation from both selected contractors. Your efforts in expediting resolutions to multiple issues such as environmental concerns of the Indian burial grounds…and design changes and conflicts kept the project on schedule.

I would recommend you as a Project Manager to manage the design and construction of any project. Your services saved us time and money, and made a difference in making this a successful project.”

—Lou Ciancia
Director of Development
U.S. Oncology

“Whether acting as the Development Manager…or Owner’s Representative or Project Manager, your services added value to the process.  Your knowledge of the design and construction industry proved invaluable in keeping six projects valued at over $30 million on schedule and on budget.

By proactively addressing issues…costs and schedule delays were avoided or mitigated. Looking back, on all the projects, the final costs were within 1% of the original budget. This is an outstanding achievement in this industry.

We would recommend your services for any Owner.”

—David E. Baer
Executive Vice President
Jordan Construction

“I have really come to appreciate the importance of a good Project Manager. We realized that demolishing a portion of our existing facility and expanding it without interrupting production would be difficult.  However, there have been many issues beyond our original expectation that have required the attention of an individual with your experience.

I would highly recommend your services to others.”

—Mike Kiolbassa
Kiolbassa Provision Company

“The countless phases of my project were overwhelming in their scope, variety and complexity. 

It takes someone whose only commitment is to move your project forward to coordinate the many phases of a ground-up construction project.  There is no way I could have managed my project and kept my bill-paying job.

Jim Ramsey was and still is my construction Project Manager. I could not have had a finer man for the job.”

—Dr. Stephen F. Wood

“The Earl Abel’s project has been an immense challenge, but we all rose to meet it head on, always keeping the primary objective of getting the restaurant fully open and operational as quickly as possible, while preserving its tradition and reputation for the finest in service and food for our guests.

I believe I speak for the team when I say there was no doubt that we experienced a “value add” from your services.  When the time comes for the second phase, we will definitely be calling on you.”

—Roger Arias
Arias Retail/Earl Abel’s Restaurants